December 6, 2015  OA/A Match

Maine Golden Retriever Club's OA/A Match was a huge success!  We had 13 obedience entries and 13 conformation entries.  Thank you to Merrillynn High for being our Obedience judge and Amy Herbert for being our conformation judge.  High in Trial was awarded to Lee Daudelin's Greatbrook's Time For A Change BN "Kali", Best Puppy was awarded to Sandy Tremblay and Cindy Bent's Belleville's Light My Fire At Profile "Flint", Best of Breed was awarded to Marie Bowden's Bowden's Lornadoone Encore CGC "Chen".  All participants received a toy, which made all goldens very happy.  There were awesome raffle items and yummy sweets.  Everyone had a wonderful time!

Best of Breed - Bowden's Lornadoone Encore CGC - Marie Bowden
High In Trial -Greatbrooks Time For A Change - Lee Doudlin
Best Puppy - Belleville's Light My Fire At Profile - Sandy Tremblay & Cindy Brent


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