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Southern Berkshire Golden Retriever Club WC & WCX 2018-09-02
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GRCA Eastern Region Director

There is an upcoming vacancy in the GRCA Board position for Eastern Region Director.  After 6 years of service in her recent position and 18 years service total, past President and Lifetime Member Ann Strathern has termed out on the GRCA Board of Directors. Her experience and guidance has benefited the current board immensely.
We are soliciting resumes from Eastern Region members who would be interested in serving the GRCA for the remainder of Ann’s term.  The appointment will be active from the New Board meeting at the 2018 GRCA National Specialty through the Old Board meeting at the 2019 GRCA National Specialty.
Please communicate your interest in the position via email signifying your intent.  Include a resume of pertinent experience.  Route this information to Janet Peacock –

The official Job Description is as follows.  Please note, this particular appointment is to complete Ann's current term only and is comprised of a 1 year assignment.
           The management of the Club is entrusted to the Board of Directors which is comprised of the Officers and Regional Directors. In addition to the Regional Vice President, the three geographical regions are each represented by two Regional Directors whose positions are up for election on alternating years.
Regional Directors are to assist their Regional Vice President in selecting candidates for the Nominating Committee for their region.  The procedure for this is outlined in “Vice President’s Guidelines for Selection of Nominating Committee Members” as listed with the duties of the Vice President.
TERM OF OFFICE:  2 years

  • Do all in his power to promote, protect and preserve the Golden Retriever and the best interests of the GRCA.
  • Consider the good of the Golden Retriever and GRCA over the local club and personal interests.
  • Promptly answer all correspondence from fellow Board Members and the General Membership and forward all correspondence and other material received which is appropriate for distribution to the Board of Directors. These tasks will be accomplished using the current communication method accepted by the Board.
  • Carefully review all material distributed by the Board Members or by the Administrative Assistant.
  • Keep documents on file that are under discussion or ongoing.
  • Participate in the Board’s discussions of current items using the communication method accepted by the Board including the monthly teleconference, and promptly vote on all resolutions and questionnaires.
  • Attend all Mid-year and National Specialty Board Meetings and the General Membership Annual Meeting.
  • Help man the GRCA booth at the National Specialty and, when in attendance, help man the booth at a Regional Specialty or offer assistance to the host club.
  • Take down and package club banners, and see to their return to the Banner Chairperson, at the conclusion of the National Specialties held in his or her region.
  • Maintain regular contact with the committees assigned to him or her as Board Liaison.
  • Be an official GRCA “representative at large” available for assistance and/or information when in attendance at all-breed and specialty shows, trials, tests, seminars and meetings.  Directors are no longer private citizens but represent the GRCA Board and membership wherever you go.
  • Pass on to his or her successor any and all background material on subjects under current discussion.
  • Turn over “to his or her successor in office all properties and records relating to that office within 30 days after the election.” Bylaws Article III, Section 1A(1).


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