2023 National Specialty

Each year, the Golden Retriever Club comes together in one location for about 10 days to showcase everything Golden. It is a grand celebration enjoyed by over a thousand of our members.
We have required events: Field Trial, Tracking, WC/W, Conformation, Junior Showmanship and Obedience and lots of option events.
It rotates around the country every three years.   In 2019 it was hosted by California, 2020 we will be the guests of Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club, 2021 is in Ohio and 2022 is in the Pacific Northwest.
Which brings us back to 2023 back in the East and the purpose of this email.
We are looking for a host club and location for the fall of 2023.   A core group of 20-25 people - the more the merrier - and a commitment to planning, organizing and overseeing all the activities offered at the Specialty.
There is a tremendous support group behind every National Specialty in the National Specialty Committee.   Recently the GRCA Board has taken moves to make it easier for the host club(s) to do their job. We could well be in an era where it makes more sense to have several clubs join in hosting a national   We have also in recent years have a national volunteer coordinator to assist with recruiting the army of volunteers that step up to make these events a success.I am asking that you seriously consider hosting or participating in a 2023 National in the East.   The National Specialty Handbook is on our website https://www.grca.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/NS-Manual-2017-Edition.pdf.   
It contains pretty much everything you want to know - or don’t want to know - about the National.   
Please keep in mind that the GRCA Board of Directors and the National Specialty Committee is present throughout the entire process and several functions have been negotiated in advance such as a Show Secretary, bookkeeper, contract review, spreadsheet for ribbons and trophies and planning assistance.   
If your club would like to be a participant in the 2023 National or if you have a coalition of clubs in your area that would like to host this event, please contact me
My phone number is 845-615-1565 or email listed below.


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