Secretary of State John Kerry, Frances Plessner & Ben

Secretary of State John Kerry visited Frances today to pick up his seven-month-old Yellow Lab that Frances has been training for the Secretary since September 23rd.  Frances, the owner of Puddleduck Retrievers, and a nationally recognized breeder of Labrador Retrievers and trainer of dogs was hired by Secretary Kerry to train his five-months-old Yellow Lab, Ben.  Two months has made a phenomenal difference in Ben.  As Secretary Kerry told Frances, "I'm very happy, you've done a great job with Ben.  He looks great, you took great care of him.  Thanks for all you have done."  Following a visit by the Secretary's security detail, Secretary Kerry arrived at approximately 3:45 PM, Nov. 26th and spent about an hour with Frances as she and Ben showed what the canine student had learned during his two month stay with the master trainer.  Congratulations, Frances!


April 7th, 2024 CCA

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