Responsibilities as a dog owner:

  • Members must ensure that their dogs are kept safe, under control and are properly trained.
  • Dogs must be maintained in good health - mentally and physically at all times.  This includes but is not limited to adequate attention and socialization, grooming, feeding, veterinary care, housing, exercise and training.

Responsibilities as a member of MGRC:

  • Members should keep in mind that they and their dogs represent the breed.  Take the time to educate the general public about the Golden Retriever and the sport of pure bred dogs.
  • Members are required to maintain good sportsmanship at all events and competitions.  Good sportsmanship includes but is not limited to the following:  Members will not publish or verbally slander or engage in cyber bullying towards any other member as this is considered defamation of character and will not be tolerated.  Any member who engages in slander of any type towards another member will receive 1 written warning and any offense thereafter will be grounds for dismissal of club membership.

Responsibilities as a breeder:

  • Members who breed Golden Retrievers are encouraged to follow the breed standard set forth by the AKC
  • Members are expected to be honest and fair with owners, breeders, purchasers of dogs and the general public.
  • Owners of breeding animals shall provide documentation of all health clearances (hips, elbows, heart, eyes) and Certifications on the sire and dam.
  • Breeders agree that at no time will they act as a broker or agent for a litter they did not breed.
  • Breeders understand and acknowledge that they will take back any dog they produce during the lifetime of that dog.
  • Members are encouraged to use a written contract that clearly states all guarantees, expectations and any special arrangements with signatures of both seller and buyer.




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