The AKC Agility Department is excited to announce the launch of a new, beginning level agility program called ACT (Agility Course Test). The ACT program officially launches on March 1, 2016.

This program is designed to introduce beginning dogs and handlers to the sport of agility. There are two classes – ACT 1 and ACT2. Clubs and trainers can adopt the ACT classes as the graduation exercise for their training classes to be held at their facility thus providing their students a familiar and comfortable setting. The ring size requirements are small enough that ACT classes can be held in many training facilities across the country. In addition to preparing for these introductory classes, exhibitors will learn to do things such as to enter an AKC event, check-in at the ring, prepare for their run, and handle their dog while under judgment. We hope that clubs and trainers will use these classes as learning experiences.

There are several elements of the ACT program that are different from AKC Agility Trials.

  • Eligibility to enter: This program is for dogs that do not have an AKC Agility title at the Novice level or higher. Dogs may enter ACT2 without having an ACT1 title. Dogs that are not registered/listed with the AKC may participate and their performance will be recorded under a temporary recording number. Owners will receive a letter from the AKC explaining how they can register their dogs. Application to be listed as a Canine Partner may be accepted at the test and submitted with the results.
  • Judges/Evaluators: All AKC agility judges may judge the ACT classes. In addition we will be setting up a system for trainers and experienced participants to become ACT evaluators. Evaluators may judge ACT classes. There will be an application, online test and nominal fee to become an evaluator. More information about becoming an ACT evaluator will be available within the next couple of weeks.
  • Holding ACT events: Any AKC agility judge/ACT evaluator may hold a stand-alone ACT event. The event does not have to be held by an AKC licensed club. AKC agility clubs may hold ACT events in conjunction with their trials if they desire.
  • Jump Heights: No jump height card is required to enter an ACT class. Handlers are encouraged to have their dogs jump at the appropriate height that will help them prepare for AKC Agility trials.
  • Event Applications: Clubs or judges/evaluators do not need to file an application for ACT events; there will be no application fee. A $5.00 per entry recording fee for all dogs entered will be submitted with the results.
  • Courses: Evaluators and judges will need to submit their courses for review; however, courses may be reused, which we encourage for ease of administration.
  • Titles: Dogs must receive two passing scores to earn each of the ACT titles. Dogs are required to be fully registered/listed in order to be awarded a title.

There will be an ACT page on the AKC website where forms and information can be accessed. We have also set up a mailbox for the ACT program ACT related questions can be sent to this mailbox. Please see the regulations and other information as it becomes available on the ACT web page that can be accessed through the Agility Home Page.

We are looking forward to working with clubs, trainers and evaluators to introduce new exhibitors to the sport of agility.

The AKC Agility Department


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