June 5th, 2022- All Breed Health Clinic

We had a successfull Health Clinic! We had 27 blood donations sent off to the Golden Retriever Foundation's OFA-CHIC DNA bank located at the University of Missouri.


The researchers use these samples to help determine if there is a way to screen dogs for a specific disease or disorder, or to develop tests that can give us more information about response to chemo-therapy, for example.


This initiative is about supplying the researchers with samples to help keep the research going.  The ultimate goal is to find the cause, ways to diagnose, prognosticate and treat these awful hereditary problems.


June 18th, 2022- Field Training Day


Members came for a fun day to work with their own dogs on field work and watched a demo. It was a blast! 


April 7th, 2024 CCA

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