April 9th, 2022- Meeting and Pulse PEMF Demo

Membership meeting and following a Pulse PEMF demo. 


What is Pulse PEMF?

Our machines create a magnetic field that is the same type of magnetic field that we and the

earth emit. So much of our body is electrically conductive, but most notably, the electrolytes we
take in and the cell membranes which we focus on. The magnetic field we provide interacts with
the magnetic fields existing in the body and in areas that should have stronger magnetic fields.
Areas that have low cellular energy will be the ones pulsing the strongest. These pockets of low
energy can be caused by injury, illness, daily wear and tear, and a host of other things. The
body takes that magnetic field in these pockets and it charges the ions on either side of the
membrane which will allow those cell membranes in that area to become more permeable by
opening and closing normally. This allows the body to release toxins and draw in new nutrients
and oxygen which increases circulation and allows the body to do its job.
A simpler explanation is, our bodies are like cell phones. After being used, injured, sick etc we
need to be recharged just like our phones must be charged and rebooted to run effectively.


April 7th, 2024 CCA

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